About our brand and history

I am a thirty-year-old woman who was born and raised in Washington Heights, New York City. I went to high school and college in New Jersey, and now reside in New York . I started out with a dream to be a superstar runway model, I went to modeling school graduated from Barbizon modeling school, my mom really hung to the dream that I would become the next Cindy Crawford. I was always tallest in my class and quite girly so the modeling dream was something that came naturally.

The reason why I went to high school in New Jersey was because my mother suffered a stroke and got very ill, we uprooted and moved to a smaller town. As I grew older I began dreaming of more realistic goals and wanted to excel in education I dreamed of becoming a dentist like my dad. I think dreams and goals sometimes are not as reasonable as we would like them to be. So I get accepted into Fairleigh Dickinson University, I dorm, experienced college life and real well almost real responsibilities. Second-year college I realized how much biology and science classes I had to take to graduate with biology major to then get into med school to ultimately become a dentist….DUH! And just like every counselor warned, most college students switch their majors at least 3 times before graduation. So here I am lost and confused my parents are both Dominican how can I explain this to them?

My dad is a dentist and worked his ass off in school in the Dominican republic where resources are very limited and actually graduated and is great at what he does! So how can I, an American girl with unlimited resources and the “world at my feet,” not be able to do the same? Before going in as undeclared I tried sociology, and I fell in love! Studying people and why they function the way they do in different societies, concentrating in social problems, and why people as a group think the way they do? The questions and answers are endless! So once again I am certain this is it I found my NICHE! From the start I realized I did not want to be a social worker, I right away thought I can work for a great big company like apple or google (I swear I imagined this) in the human resource center, I would be the manager and get paid great! Well, 4 years into school going on my fifth with a major in sociology and a minor in criminology and in so much debt, expenses including books were through the roof, I stopped!!!!  With only a couple credits missing for my diploma (extra courses because all major classes I took and passed might I add). I stopped because I had to get a job to be able to sustain myself.

My parents divorced when I was 9 years old and my mother moved to Florida when I was a teenager. So while away at college I had to start fending for myself. I had worked since I can remember prior to college but I used to work to get the latest sneakers and afford to eat in Applebees lol now I was working to eat and pay bills, everything changes. I started working at the bank and a beer company. The beer company led me to work doing tastings for liquor brands which then led me to think, “Hey I got the body to take this further”  why not model but, not Cindy Crawford model I decided I was going to model in bikini and lingerie. I started doing photoshoots and hosting different gigs. One thing my dad was always right about is a student should not work while in college at least not making good money, not because money is bad, but because the love for money distracts you from your main long-term goal! He was right (how many times as adults you can say that about your parents)? I quickly gained a lot of attention and attraction not off the charts but good enough to make a small name for myself in the social networking world. While doing that my best friend and I both working regular jobs thought why don’t we start bottle waitressing. From bottle waitressing we did bartending, maybe you are not familiar with bottle waitressing and bartending in New York but, OH BOY lol! The amount of money you came home with then (when I worked), was enough to purchase a house cash and that’s just a year in, with minimal expenses of course. I am a true believer in fate so the very first club I start working in I meet the love of my life, Carlos, also known as Tuko, a promoter at the club. I worked the night scene for a few years, I did well for myself. I encountered many amazing people, gained new friendships, lost people that I thought were my friends. I learned that not everyone will like you and what you stand for, and that’s okay.

This life, the nightlife introduced me to him, he gave me my most precious gifts, my daughter, and my family. A ghetto fabulous story and that is what it is, I am not ashamed of what I got from the concrete jungle, it is not an easy place and it will test you. If you are strong you will triumph in whatever path you choose. It took me a long time to get here and I am no where near where I want to be. Stay tuned and learn more of my GLITZ and not so GLAM life.